Giving voice to all the great people
that make up good companies

Okey Dokey is a mobile tool that makes it quick and easy for your team to create, approve and publish great content.

The benefits of using Okey Dokey

  • Social without the worry

    The fear of publishing off-brand content can prevent many businesses from getting the most from social media. Okey Dokey helps everyone in your company create with confidence, safe in the knowledge that no inappropriate content will make it into the public domain.

  • Better customer service over social

    Okey Dokey is the only tool that helps you quickly and easily check replies to customer enquiries prior to publication. This means your teams have the ability to get back to customers over social media at the right time, in the right channel, and with the right response.

  • Real time social engagement

    Okey Dokey’s mobile first approach and innovative use of push notifications means that teams can create content around what’s going in the world as it actually happens. Companies can now react to and take advantage of events as they occur, creating a more engaging and effective social profile in social media as a result.

  • Get even more from your team

    Okey Dokey’s ease of use and simple UX means that it can be put into the hands of people who may not be active users of social media. By doing this businesses can get even more from their teams, activating everyone across their company as a content creator.

  • Simplified social workflow

    Okey Dokey is completely self-contained and publishes directly to your company’s social media channels, so say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets, back and forth emails, and copying and pasting.